Jochen Knecht

Jochen Knecht

Calm down and ... travel to Hawaii!
Jochen Knecht
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Original Apple Phone (1983).

Original Apple iPhone 1983 - designer Hartmut Esslinger, the same guy who made the Apple IIc computer, came up with this phone/tablet prototype. More pictures of the original iPhone here.

Dyson Has Invented The Smartest Robotic Vacuum Cleaner In The World ... see more at

Today, Dyson unveiled The Dyson 360 Eye; the result of millions of dollars of investment and sixteen years of research. It's one of the most powerful robot vacuums every created, and is equipped with a 360 degree camera and a suite of advanced sensors.

The MaxiMog® Expedition System is a modular high mobility vehicle designed for exploring this (or similar) planets.

Bad weather, rough terrain, debris, rubble, a shopping mall full of zombie bargain hunters.NOTHING can stop the Maximog UNICAT. The ultimate in survival transportation.