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Busy Bees - Flowering plants require insects for pollination. The most effective…

Honey bees for sale in Virginia. We sell honey bees, delicious raw honey, woodenware and beekeeping supplies in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Stop by today and let's talk bees. Let me help you start your beekeeping career.

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Build a Beekeeping Work Bench

When Bees Go Extinct, These 10 Foods Will Follow | One Green Planet | This is bad, very bad. None of us want to lose even one of these 10 foods; however, you can bet they aren't the only foods we'll lose. Wake up people. Stop listening to idiots that are speaking for corporate greed. Educate your damn selves and start working against corporate greed and for people! Please read and share this outstanding article. (10/17)

Every third bite of food we take is made possible thanks to our pollinator friends. That measures out to 90 percent of agricultural crops in the United States. What would our food system look like without bees?

The circle of life and death during the fertilization of the Queen Bee.

illustration for Norm Gary, bee wrangler/author . redrawn from provided, preexisting B & W images . for a new version of the book Hive and the Honey Bee

Wandern in der Imkerei - Marc-Wilhelm Kohfink - 9783800178919 3800178915 | eBay

Wandern in der Imkerei - Marc-Wilhelm Kohfink - 9783800178919 3800178915 | eBay

Bee #MathDances are symbols for directions and distance. Invite your children to make up their own dances for directions. Repeat the right dance once for every unit of length (a stick) it takes to get to a small treasure you hide in the grass, going in that direction. The kids will use that info to find the treasure. More on #BodyScaleMath and #OutdoorsMath at

image via Journey Round My Skull In honor of the annual celebration of Pollinator Week, we bring you an excerpt from Ernst Jünger's prescient novel, The Glass Bees. In this section, the book's narrator, called to a job interview.