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3D inspiration

Funny pictures about Anatomy Of A Watch. Oh, and cool pics about Anatomy Of A Watch. Also, Anatomy Of A Watch photos.

"And that very day man was created from the mere esences of the waters, formed and patterned after....."

ianbrooks: “ Come With The Rain by Kode Logic Very cool piece by Kode aka Boss Logic, but the first thing I thought was “oh shit, The Liquidator’s back!

Abstract Portraits on Behance

A collection of abstract portraits rendered with Arnold for Maya.

XGen Portraits on Behance

XGen portraits rendered with Arnold for Maya

Abstract Portraits on Behance

Lee Griggs, Portrait Modelling Experiments, images posted with permission of the artist.

The Sculpted Alphabet on Behance

THE SCULPTED ALPHABETNew tools, new playgrounds. One single rule: Choose a letter and sculpt it! Maxon gave us it's new sculpting tools with the last releases of Cinema Our goal was to create the whole alphabet and achieve some completely new ways …