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Ravens use “hand” gestures. It turns out that ravens make “very sophisticated nonvocal signals,” according to researchers. In other words, they gesture to communicate. A study in Austria found that ravens point with their beaks to indicate an object to another bird, just as we do with our fingers. They also hold up an object to get another bird’s attention. This is the first time researchers have observed naturally occurring gestures in any animal other than primates.

Melissa Etheridge The Shadow Of A Black Crow Lyrics. The Shadow Of A Black Crow lyrics performed by Melissa Etheridge: I am levitating somewhere down the road With a price on my head and the shadow of a black crow

Eine Fähe mit Jungem

Vixen Red Fox ~ With Her baby. (Photo By: Gabi Marklein.) Look at the adoration of that baby fox

Crow & Raven Mythology and Folklore: Crows are often bringers of prophecy.

Crow & Raven Mythology, Legends, and Folklore: Crows are often bringers of prophecy.

Herr seuchendoktor

its a doctors mask used when there was the plague in england doctors thought that the black plague was contagious through the air so they packed the beak with sage or rosemary to stop the plague Percy