Norwegian Forest Cat - Norwegische Waldkatze -

Nordic Sphinx ~ Norwegian Forest Cat posing like a war god statue ~ photo by Johnny Krüger

British shorthair cat in blue ( blaue British Kurzhaarkatze -

magicalnaturetour: Photo Easter bunny in disguise by Johnny Krüger ~ Happy Caturday lovely friends

bubbleface -

bubbleface - This not a photoshop composing! - it was photographed like that. It did take a long time to get a hit but it was worth it ; The cat is a British Shorthair silver tabby blotched kitten

British Shorthair cat in white - Weisse Britisch Kurhaarkatze -

catch me if you can - this is a white British Shorthair cat having a lot of fun during the foto shoot at a cat show. When I was finished with the standards I wanted to try something I was thinking of for quite some time - this was the result.

Chartreux cat - Karthäuser Katze -

it's a kind of magic. - Fotoshooting with two Chartreux kitten, 10 weeks old. The one to the right was so impressed it fell asleep while the other was eager to make it's best pic ;

Norwegian Forest Cat - Norwegische Waldkatze -

bad mood by Johnny Krüger on a Norwegian Forest Cat in a bad mood. it was the scent of another cats baby that made this neutered lady hiss - a great moment that begged to be captured

Marlene D. -

Фотография camouflage - a great title could also be: a look like Marlene Dietrich.o) автор Johnny Krüger на

Sphinx -

jumping jack by Johnny Krüger on a Don Sphinx cat caught in the move - these are my favorite type of portraits because they are quite rare and not easy to get. just like wildlife shots you usually don't get a second chance.

cateyes - Bendix -

cateyes by Johnny Krüger on this is a young British Shorthair silver tabby smoke cat peeking through a blanket