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ᗪO IT!!!!

i just spent the last ten minutes doing this and laughing every single time don't actually touch the screen tho


I like the way this GIF appears to be coming towards you. I haven't come across many GIF's or animations that are of a character being forwards. The use of black and white indicates shadow and light very well.

New from ZollocHello, My name is Hayden Zezula. I am an animator & designer from Austin, TX

Principal Industrial Designer @ Continuum LA / Instructor @ ArtCenter College of Design / Maker


Unsettling Anatomical GIFs by Zolloc Visual artist and animator Hayden Zezula creates superbly unusual anim


Unusual animated GIFs created by Hayden Zezula, aka Zolloc, an artist and animator from Texas currently based in NYC. More animated GIFs via Colossal

Run cycle, Hogart by SEINICK on DeviantArt

Run cycle, Hogart

SEINICK's Profile Picture

SEINICK's Profile Picture