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Margaret Bourke-White, The Louisville Flood, 1937. Gelatin silver print . Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; ©Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

Louisville Flood Victims ● African-American flood victims line up to get food and clothing from a Red Cross relief station in front of billboard ironically extolling The American Way in January (Margaret Bourke-White/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


Fox squirrel types live throughout a lot of the USA, leaving out the eastern coastline. It is the biggest sort of squirrel varying from 17 to 27 inches long. These huge squirrels can be found in 2 distinctive shade teams.

NYC. The Moon Landing, 1969. New York wellcomes Apollo 11 crew in a ticker tape parade.

The end of the Apollo 11 mission marked a new chapter in the lives of astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins as they became some of the most recognizable people in world and ambassadors for the United States and for NASA.

Chocolate's Child Slaves

Chocolate's Child Slaves - news via the CNN Freedom Project

Hershey pledges $10 million to improve West African cocoa farming, fight child labor

This year CNN will join the fight to end modern-day slavery and shine a spotlight on the horrors of modern-day slavery, amplify the voices of the victims, highlight success stories and share ways that everyone can make a difference.