skateboard picnic table!

20 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Stuff

Kids picnic table made from old skate boards from 25 creative ways to repurpose/reuse old stuff

Back in 5 Minutes Typography Exhibition by Clement  de Bruin, via Behance

enough words in Punk Rock Princess or the tagline ('Style, spirit and a sense of adventure') to work in something like this? Back in 5 Minutes Typography Exhibition by Clement de Bruin, via Behance

Repurposed skateboard wall sconces

Awesome Repurposed Skateboard Lights: What cool and decorative skateboard lights, they're surely to boost the vibe of a space. Be great for the kids' playrooms or the bedrooms.

Globe Bantam ST Skateboards

The Rebirth of Plastic Skateboards is Getting Crazier with Graphics, Swirls, and AstroTurf

i learned how to long board two years ago and i fell in love with riding as soon as i learned how. me and my friends use to ride around for miles on our long boards and ill always have great memories of long boards.


Imagine that, an old skateboard has changed its colors to become a real live star of brilliance.

Skateboard Art

Ken sent in this hand painted band-aid skateboard, he writes - "I had an urge to put together a skateboard and had this idea for deck art. Irony comes together with a cheap blank deck and some pain.


I first became acquainted with DL skateboards through the website for SALT Surfboards. SALT is a New York based surfboard company that makes well crafted,…

Globe x Neff Wild Tigre 33 Complete Cruiser Skateboard

Globe x Neff Wild Tigre 33" Complete Cruiser Skateboard

Get cruising in crazy fresh style with the Globe x Neff Wild Tigre complete cruiser skateboard. This cruiser skateboard comes fully assembled and ready to roll right out of the box. This collaboration complete skateboard features a vintage shap