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So after having this spare aquarium sitting around for a couple of months, I finally decided to make use of it. This is my first vertical vivarium

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Pupy Training Treats - How To Make A Spinning Plastic Bottle Dog Treat Game theownerbuilderne. Want something fun for your pets? Get some plastic bottles for this simple project that keeps them busy and entertained! - How to train a puppy?

Coral Tooth Fungus (Hericium Coralloides) Mindy Comeau I found one last year (tried to post a pic but it won't let me here...) highly medicinal mushroom.... can heal brain injuries!

deliciousdimension: “ Hericium is a genus of edible mushrooms in the Hericiaceae family. Species in this genus are white and fleshy and grow on dead or dying wood; fruiting bodies resemble a mass of fragile icicle-like spines that are suspended from.