"It's not about the places I've been, but the places I'm going."  "Get lost to find your path"  "Not all who wander are lost"

100 Awesome Compass Tattoo Designs

I like the basic concept of the map behind the compass. I would make the map look different and the compass.

This is the kind of intensity I want in the eyes for my tattoo

A lions strength comes from his pride. His pride surrounds him, but does not pierce the flesh.

Epinephrine Adrenaline Molecule - Vinyl Wall Decal - Painted Appearance. $22

Epinephrine Adrenaline Molecule - Vinyl Wall Decal - Painted Appearance - would be a cool tattoo

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The coveted Ironman Tattoo. What are the rules for the Ironman Tattoo? Can you get an Ironman tattoo for a My Ironman tattoo rules with examples!

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American flag tattoos are probably amongst the most popular flag tattoos in the world, nobody in the west does patriotism quite like the USA! Anybody who lives in the USA or those who have visited in the past will know exactly what we mean.

Marketplace Tattoo SBink Ironman Tribal #10284 | CreateMyTattoo.com

A unique Ironman tattoo design with the M dot Logo incorporated into a flowing tribal design.

Marketplace Tattoo SBink Ironman #10693 | CreateMyTattoo.com

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Army. I know this feeling way to well. And to my lost brothers may god give you a land free from war and set you up high above the rest. Live free or die trying. Very few will ever know the true meaning of freedom.

"For those I love I will sacrifice". God blessed us with the strong and selfless men and women of our military I love this tattoo idea. Family always comes first.