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How To Organize Your Vanity Like A Beauty Junkie - When it comes to beauty products, we say more is always more. But if you're overloaded with eye-shadow palettes, nail-polish bottles and everything in betw

(Open RP) (I'm the guy in the pic) I kneel down in front of my canvas again, locked in this prison with its gray walls and boring furniture. They call me "psycho", and I think they're right. I can't stop smiling. Even when they torture me.... My mind is running on madness. In only a moment I lose it again and paint all over the walls, Death, it says. The voices in my head are running ramped when someone walks in the metal door. (Credit to @TheRightfulKing )

(Open Rp) wjy am I like this. Everyday stuck in darkness, any bit of bright light burning my body, she was my only bit of joy.

Sword Art Online, Asuna, official art

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