Lucky Elephant Tank - Ivory @Heidi Haugen Haugen Haugen Haugen Gaber

DIY Cute Paper Origami Santa Claus kawaii style japamn paper art contemporary christmas gift tag or card design

Beautiful paper cranes.

Origami crane tree :There is a legend that someone who makes a thousand origami cranes, their wish will be granted. Here are instructions for making a paper crane

Beautiful window stars,

December ~ Advent ~ Week One: The Light of Crystal & Stone ~ White Window ~ Folding Instructions

make a stellated dodecahedron paper star

Stellated dodecahedrons!

paper cranes make me feel happy

Paper Crane Tutorial to Help Your Children & Those in Japan

Modern Parents Messy Kids: Paper Crane Tutorial to Help Your Children & Those in Japan


Crafts - 19 Practical Ways to Use Origami - Origami is fun to make, but then what can you do with it? Since shelf space is limited, here are nineteen practical ideas for what to do with your lovely origami creations.

Bedroom with cranes

Polar Bear Wallpaper and Patchwork Quilt really "work" with origami cranes and a floating chair (bassinet?), in what I can only imagine is the bedroom of one very lucky child. Ooh, did I mention the cute fluffy pillow and chartreuse lamp?

#Origami #Tutorial #São #Francisco de #Assis, de Emilson Nunes dos Santos e Vera Young

Francis of Assisi Origami Tutorial! This is an awesome craft and can easily be adapted to make other saints!

Easy origami butterflies craft

DIY, Fun, eco and green ideas to keep the children entertained. Free Spring and Easter Paper Crafts for Kids - Origami Butterfly

Stars come in all shapes and sizes, here are some fun origami stars that you can personalize with colors and designs. Origami Stars Folding Instructions - How to Fold an Origami Star

Origami Flowers Folding Instructions - Origami Rose, Origami Lily and Origami Tulip Photos and Diagrams