BRIS by Fideli Sundqvist. ("Can you cut yourself without it showing?")

"Can I cut myself without anybody noticing?" Image for Swedish Fundraising Control body BRIS. Client: BRIS (Children's Rights In Society) Agency: Garbergs AD: Erik Dagnell Photography: Olivia Jeczmyk Papercut: Fideli Sundqvist Retouch: Helena Perminger

Alejandro López Becerro | PICDIT — Designspiration

Alphabet - letters from A to Z created by Alejandro López Becerro for the project 36 DAYS OF TYPE. Alejandro López Becerro is a Madrid, Spain based graphic

almost Modern : Manifest

Almost Modern : Manifest on Designspiration

NSW01 Typeface - Matt Willey

A condensed headline typeface. Typeface supplied in OpenType format.License for personal and commercial use.This is for a user license.

Nice ligatures

A ligature describes two or more letters combined together as a unit. Get more information and enhance your typography with ligatures.