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Lol but so true!!!

Lol but so true! My friends were freaking out and asking why I wasn't freaking out and I was jusy sitting there quietly smiling to myself with knowledge hut then I cried


Theo's face in the first picture is completely devoid of love or even emotion. When he's with Shai his eyes literally light up - pinning this to point out that the caption says his eyes light up . But theyre closes


Ay, only I can talk to my woman like that. Back off I never noticed that until i saw this post, love them all so much and hopefully someday Sheo will happen


ya it felt real my soul was ripped apart and set to flames and then stomped on and then I died so no <--join the club.we're all dead, dark souls floating around, too. It is so true and i wanted to die at the end of that book