I love how real this looks and how it's so zoomed up on the girls face. The way the shadow hits the cheek/chin bones is amazing

Badass Creativity // Inspired by her new home in Canada, Netherlands-born artist Christa Rijneveld creates pointillist line drawings of mountains.

Wind drawings by Mark Nystrom  Made by adding sails to pencil. Drawn by one day of wind.

Wind drawings by Mark Nystrom

Mark Nystrom’s Wind Drawings Inspired by the simple sight of a leaf dancing across snow, American artist Mark Nystrom created his elegant Wind Drawings series in which a pen equipped with sails.

Unbelievable Illustrations by Stavros Damos

Philip Seymour Hoffman Portrait Charcoal Line Drawing - Illustration Line Drawing. Artist: Starvo This to me is so very unique (I guess I'm new to modern Line Drawings Techniques).


"That which you tend, you come to adore with the kind of love that bypasses sense and reason." -The Passion of Dolssa by Julie Berry