Make-up- Natural Brow Beauty Tutorial ***Tip! If you have unruly eyebrow hairs that don't stay in place- use a bit of hair spray on your fingers or unused toothbrush and slick it over the eyebrow hairs in order to keep them in place.

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11 tips for drawing flawless eyeliner arrows

Eyes are regarded as most beautiful feature of a person and they actually reflect one's personality and real self. A woman's and bag or purse is always full of essential products for makeup. Eye shadow, mascaras, eye iner are its essential parts.

So hübsch!

Lulus How-To: Golden Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes -Lulus How-To: Golden Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial -Easy Step By Step Beginners Guide for Natural Simple Looks, Looks With Blonde Hair Colour and Fair Skin, Smokey Looks an(Perfect Makeup Step)


Say Bonjour to Paris on your honeymoon: channeling parisian style + black and white for spring