Brilliant idea for storing firewood outside.

""DIY Firewood Rack - 50 Campfires"" Clever temporary way to store kindling in the winter

Unterbringung Brennholz

Create a feature wall of wood, outdoors. For a rustic vibe made modern organise…

Holzschlichtung Sichtschutz

Trunk Fence // Sichtschutz im garten / Schattenspender wand holz


Love creating boundaries that allow one to see through to something else whilst also providing a screen

Kaminholzständer Wood Tower von Raumgestalt |

What an amazingly simple (yet stylish) way to store firewood - Dining room fireplace!

WOODY WHEEL Holz-Sackkarre / Holzlege

WOODY WHEEL Holz-Sackkarre / Holzlege

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