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Pele, the Volcano goddess, can be found in many Hawaiian legends

Feel your feet on the earth, feel earth as a living being, and allow the strength that comes from that. It is filled with your life energy. Every momen

Kanaloa, Hawaiian God of the Sea protects mariners - ancient & modern.  The model is a famous Molokai musician - guess who???  Matted prints fit standard frame sizes.  Click on link below.

Kanaloa, the Hawaiian God of the Sea, protects modern paddlers while honoring a spirit ancient canoe. A Hawaiian Monk Seal is sheltered in his other hand. Molokai island is in the background. Painting and prints by Molokai artist, Linda Johnston.

Pele goddess of fire

Herb Kane - Painting Image Catalog - Gods, Goddesses and Legends- Pele's Voyage To Hawaii

Demystifying Hula #Infographic #Entertainment #Music

It is thought that the hula dance dates back as far as when the first Polynesian travellers settled on the islands of Hawaii and has continued to be a major part of the Hawaiian culture ever since.

Princess Kaiulani of Hawai'i - my favorite royality of Hawai'i

Kaʻiulani, Crowned Princess of Hawai'i, born Victoria Kaʻiulani Kalaninuiahilapalapa Kawēkiu i Lunalilo Cleghorn.

HAWAII (1966)-I watched this movie on 11/2/13 on WTTW (PBS) in Chicago.  I was horrified at the raping of the land, enslaving of the peaceful Hawaiian people, and the religion forced on the "savages".  I don't know why I was surprised-it is the same story of what happened to the Native Americans on the mainland. I hope the beauty of the Hawaiian culture is not lost to tourism.

HAWAII movie (PBS) - The beauty of the Hawaiian culture is not lost - in fact it experienced a revival via the Arts like Music and Hula dancing, and let us not forget the Aloha Spirit! That one is grabbing a hold in the world.

The queens prayer

The queen's prayer. Maybe we can print this for everyone and add it to our place setting?