Love the idea for a DIY skateboard lamp @istandarddesign

20 Easy DIY Lamp Ideas for Creative Home Decor on a Budget

Improving room lighting is one of the essentials of good home decor and interior design. If you did just this one thing, you’d do very well…

Eine Mond-Uhr für Träumer!

DIY moon clock tutorial Would be fun to do all the planets, with one being a clock, in the boy's room ;

Coole lamp

Boredom Led to This DIY Skateboard Chandelier

Bring a little urban decorum into your humble abode with the skateboard deck lamp. Featuring four light bulb wheels and a creatively decorated skate deck frame, the lamps look great in kids rooms and can be hung vertically or horizontal.

You might have some books around that are headed for recycle or Good Will…maybe think twice about that 25 Awesome Upcycled DIY Projects - The Cottage Market

25 Awesome Upcycled DIY Projects

Old book spines glued to a box becomes hidden bookshelf storage. Garden Ridge also has fake old books with storage inside. Old book spines glued to a box becomes…

DiY: schicke Recycling-Ideen für alte Möbel

Old Chair Swing! perfect for the yard or porch! Head to the thrift store or flea market and pick up a chair. remove arms and legs. repaint if needed. hang from tree. Maybe I can borrow a neighbors tree

imagine done in high heels for a teens room or in baby shoes for a nusery... oh so cute.. how about a pair from everyone for the family room.

20 Unusual and Creative DIY Clocks. But this gave me an idea on how to store your shoes.

Trampolin wird zu Zelt  creative-diy-repurposing-reusing-upcycling-36__605

Yep, that's right! Amazing up-cycled trampoline DIY project for your backyard. I want this in my yard!(Diy Crafts For The Home)