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MOTRICITE: Les jeux collectifs et les ateliers de lancer

Ce mois-ci, nous avons découvert les ballons et fait de nombreux jeux collectifs (avec ou sans ballons). Nous avons tout d'abord découvert le ballon et petit a petit nous avons appris à faire des passes a 2 mains... A dribbler...tout droit ou en slalomant...individuellement ou en relais... Puis nous avons realisé des JEUX COLLECTIFS...en voici quelques uns: La rivière aux crocodiles: Traverser la rivière sans se faire prendre son foulard (accroché derrière le dos). Il existe des variantes à…

Minis on the move: from 6 months This course is, as the name suggests, for .Minis on the move: from 6 months This course is, as the name suggests, for our smallest members.

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Gross motor activity: kids hold each others hands and try to help each other across the balancing beam

Circuitos - Psicomotricidade

Ideias e modelos para montar circuitos na escola e trabalhar psicomotricidade Inscreva-se no canal:

best reason ever to move - building an awesome room filling fort with the unpacked boxes. include sunroofs, working windows, towers, etc. Every kids dream + it gives you freedom to unpack more boxes Indoor Activities, Craft Activities, Toddler Activities, Toddler Play, Baby Play, Indoor Forts, Diy Cardboard, Cardboard Playhouse, Cardboard Furniture

Fort Denbow

What do you do when you're swimming in unpacked boxes on a slow, Saturday morning and can't bring yourself to unpack another? You build the biggest fort your new dining room can handle, duh. You then proceed to make it cooler by cutting out sun roofs because it's a tad...

Kindergarten St Nikolaus Simbach am Inn - kindorientiert, bildungsstark, familienfreundlich

Haus für Kinder - Haus für Kinder St. Nikolaus

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Cardboard Playground Here's a fun idea for reusing cardboard boxes! Create a cardboard playground!Here's a fun idea for reusing cardboard boxes! Create a cardboard playground!

A Cardboard Playground

The next time you are at your company’s annual summer picnic, take a look at what all of the kids are doing. Hopefully they are having fun, not getting into too much trouble and keeping themselves amused. But check out this picnic where it was never in doubt where the kids were–inside a fantastical cardboard wonderland. Quite a few adults could be found there as well.