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Rich Families live on the inside, poor on the outer layers. Teens get slaughtered to preserve the population in the poorer parts.

God, there is never been anything. Even when I started realizing I could not trust you, I trusted you anyway. I gave so much of myself, my time, my energy, and all I get in return is a load of issues and empty "we will stay in each other's lives" it's disappointing to have trusted someone so much, only to have them turn around and stab you in the back, not once, not twice, but three times. You don't deserve me, and you sure as hell don't deserve the woman you're with now.

there isn't a day in my life I'm not greatful for you leaving because I found my strength. It took a lot to really let you go.but As I rebuilt built my shattered soul, I reminded myself you broke me and we don't break things we love!

Its sad, I really think, we would have been great. But with your refusal sat. of just the simplest request, shows me you would rather have steve in your life then me. He is your GO TO GUY for all your needs. And i could feel the passion again when we kissed ! Or were you faking that too ?

Mr Ewell saw Atticus and cursed him out spat on his face and threatened to kill him. All this time Atticus remains calm.

she was life itself #quote #quotes

Like mum wasn't exactly happy we ended up sitting next to you out of like 4000 seats but I think they are gradually excepting your forgiveness maybe

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Your own worst enemy is yourself.

Recovering from BPD.I have to remind myself that the world doesn't hate me.I project my fears and insecurities onto other people/the world.& I automatically think that they view me negatively