Funny pictures about Squirrel Time. Oh, and cool pics about Squirrel Time. Also, Squirrel Time.

Das Leben ist hart - da kann man nichts machen;) Da bezahlt man 3/3 und 1/3 arbeiten ;0

"How many people work in your company?" - "Well, I guess a third.

Russischer Pinguin - Bär - Russenwitze - Funny Russian Fail

Funny pictures about Russian Penguin. Oh, and cool pics about Russian Penguin. Also, Russian Penguin.

Espurr. This pokemon is hurting my heart.

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Für alle Verheirateten...

Ok, this might be true, but somewhere you know his wife is REALLY pissed at him. and his lack of common sense! I Don’t Need Goole My Wife Knows Everythig - Funny Quotes