Pushing for what you want takes energy but is worth it in the end. Is there anything you did when you were a kid that you ended up quitting and now regret? Now I'm learning how to (What Is Beauty Quotes)

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"Not everyone deserves to know the real you. Let them criticize who they think you are." ------- words of wisdom. not everyone deserves you.


We like this kind of full-body shot -- unique to each person. May or may not do the word overlay, but we love Be Fearlessly Authentuc

Retro-Schilder Hundefreund-Holzschild: Wer sagt, Glück kann man nicht anfassen...

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8 Famous Lipstick Quotes To Live By // Coco Chanel

The Lipstick Quotes We Choose To Live By

"If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack." 8 Famous Lipstick Quotes To Live By // Coco Chanel


I'm not sure I can trust true leaders. You know since they stole some poor servants heart

Sprüche und Zitate für jede Gelegenheit

Sprüche und Zitate für jede Gelegenheit

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"es geht schlecht" - Leben - jetzt.de

This is really true. I've always read "it's you against yourself" quotes, but never really understood it until I watched the Olympics and the "fight" atlets fought with their bodies and limits.

Agnes Martin quote. Poetry is the subtle representation of our most concrete feelings.

Who is Agnes Martin? Tate looks at the main points concerning the artist and her work in reference to Tate Modern's Agnes Martin exhibition