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Hey salut les internautes !! Aujourd'hui, parlons tatouages! oui cet art qui se dessine sur la peau !!... Vous êtes peut être pour ou contre ...mais pour ceux qui sont...

Ankles are visually enchanting, and with an ankle bracelet tattoos design, it would look even more delicate, creating interest among many. The legs have always…

mandala tiger - Buscar con Google

"Lion" Art Print by Feline Zegers on -cool ass tattoo idea! I'm a Leo too!

Lion Tattoo

Simple lion tattoo, would like one for myself!

Tattoo - Art - Beauty - Sweet idea for a wolf half sleeve.

I would love this as a tat.


Half sleeve idea, I want a lion for Leo :)

J always calls me his lioness. Even more so now that Ellie is OBSESSED with lions.

30 Powerful Lioness Tattoo Ideas - Tattoo of the lioness is more common for females. It is explained by a desire to show own femininity. The woman thinks: “I’m a mother (or future mother). So what kind of tattoo will be …


I would love this on my foot ! rose and heart tattoos for women

Rosen mit Perlenkette Tattoo

Gorgeous realistic black ink roses with a string of pearls laced throughout tattoo. Done by artist bangbangnyc - live the pearl derails.


indie tattoos lovely henna gypsy girls with tattoos sun and moon foot tattoo beautiful tattoos moon tattoos detailed tattoo sun tattoos love-on-pause