We can't believe we've gone so long without these.

Cannoli Cupcakes

Loved it! Add more powdered sugar next time to thicken icing. Try without box mix. New fav!

Apple Pie Roll Ups- the perfect breakfast or dessert recipe! Tastes like apple pie all wrapped up in cinnamon toast! Perfect for fall!

I’m not sure whether I would classify these delicious Apple Pie Roll Ups as a breakfast or dessert. On the one hand they taste like the cinnamon toast I used to get at breakfast as a little girl as my

Raffaello Creme - Brotaufstrich

Raffaello Creme - Brotaufstrich

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Weiße Schokolade-Himbeermousse

Weiße Schokolade-Himbeermousse

Dehydrating food is easy, economical, and lets you enjoy the bounties of your s.

Apfel-Zimt-Eis - dieses Winter-Eisrezept musst du probieren!

Apfel-Zimt-Eis mit gerösteten Haselnüssen

Apfel-Spekulatius-Tiramisu mit Baileys / Adventskalendertürchen 17 * ~ SASIBELLA

Apfel-Spekulatius-Tiramisu mit Baileys / Adventskalendertürchen 17

Apfel-Spekulatius-Tiramisu mit Baileys / Adventskalendertürchen 17 * ~ SASIBELLA

Eis das aussieht, wie Melonen? Das Eis am Stiel kannst du ganz leich nachmachen!

Melonen-Eis am Stiel!

ohhhhhhhhhh!!!So lecker und cremich

Bailey's Chocolate Mousse

Bailey's Chocolate Mousse ~ deliciously light, fluffy chocolate mousse infused with the sweet flavor of Bailey's Irish Cream.perfect for the holidays!

Rezept Bratapfel Tiramisu | recipe | Desserts | apple | christmas | Weihnachtsdessert | Winterdessert | Schichtdessert | how to Tutorial

Rezept: Köstliches Bratapfel Tiramisu

Try this apple dessert as a replacement for your traditional holiday pie or cake. It's a unique treat brimming with fall and winter flavors (pretty healthy, too!