I love the forms, cool way to make paths. Raised Bed Ideas

35 Creative Backyard Designs Adding Interest to Landscaping Ideas

Gardening - Organic Dream garden - Raised Bed Ideas You could start with raised gardening beds and protect the dirt from outside Now all I need is a yard!

Strawberry planter - 2-level guttering

I& always grown my strawberries in hanging baskets or tall pots. A mate called today and mentioned drain pipes with holes cut into them, how interesting I thought :D She& since sent

I love how this looks and it would be cheap!........But I'd like to try this and do a colorful Mosaic tile creation on the front of each.....that would be cool and eye-catching!

Concrete Block Planters~quick zen feel Love this idea.but I am so painting the cinder blocks for a beautiful patio ambiance