The cutest family tree idea!!

Custom Family Tree Typography Art Love this idea for grandparents gifts. for an anniversary present gifts

Drinking straws and box top make this fun maze. You could make it simpler or harder. Think about a magazine cover picture of some animal to make it more exciting! Game of escaping the lion, etc.

Create a maze with straws and marbles. Idea for box top of Operation Christmas Child?


DIY TOYS (mommo design)

DIY kids toy: Mini Football Table : out of clothespins, ping pong ball and a shoebox

so much in love with it! @Thais Pavão, @Carol Van De Maele Pucu, @Gabriela Wäfler Baptista, @Flavia Candida, @Andrew Lurieé Henrique!

old tv turned into a lil bar. and all the cool things you can make from them! pet beds, Fish tanks, putting your new tv into it.there are so many cool things!