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England's King Richard III was killed twice: first by his challenger, Henry Tudor, at the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, and again, in posthumous reputation, by Tudor historians and by Shakespeare, who portrayed the last English king to die in battle as a "bunch-backed toad" and accused him of murdering his young nephews in the Tower of London to become king. Richard's skeleton was, astonishingly, discovered in 2012 and identified through DNA. It is being reburied in Leicester, England…

Photo courtesy of Tobias Capwell. Today we have the privilege of speaking to Tobias Capwell PhD. Noted Author, historian, jouster, w.

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Faulds and Tassets Epic Dark

A blow to the hip or upper thigh might not be lethal, but it can be enough to put you off balance, leaving you vulnerable to another attack. The Epic Dark Fau

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