Cheetah Sprinter

Cheetah Sprinter printing art sculpture inspired by the speedy creature. Order printed product at…

3d Lampe

Artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques used technology to create Lacelamps. Each stunning lamp consists of an intricate, translucent lace pattern set against a glossy black bell.

Venus Box

Original design as a challenge to develop a unique opening box. When done, resembled one of Benders eyes. A co-worker said it looked like a Venus Fly trap, so named it Venus Box.

Geometric Desk Planter or Container

Geometric Desk Planter or Container by rachael_rosalie - Thingiverse

Wearable Planter Vase

Colleen Jordan has made some lovely Wearable Planter necklaces. The necklaces are printed and then finished by hand. A small plant or cutting is then added and you can have your very own portabl…

birdsnest eggcup

Picture that as a colored Easter egg at each persons place at the Easter Dinner Table! birdsnest-eggcup by Gijs on Shapeways, the printing marketplace

Polchemy 3D Printed iPhone Case

Personalized Pop-Up Phone Protectors

Warglaive of Azzinoth

Iconical warglaves from the Warcraft -saga wielded first by doom guard commander Azzinoth and later by Illidan Stormrage during his reign in Outlands.

Faceted Modular Wall Planter

An easily removable wall planter. Slides onto the standard sized cleat I make that allows a variety of planters / products to be moved around and rear

Customizable Sand Castle Molds

Customizable Sand Castle Molds

Loque'nahak #3D

Spirit Beast Loque'Nahak from World of Warcraft