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Lady Midday, also known as Poludnitsa in Russian, is a spirit in Slavic folklore. She is usually depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a white dress, though sometimes she appears as an old hag or a young girl. Sometimes she also carries a scythe or shears and travels in a cloud of swirling dust.

Lady Midday is a Slavic demon who floats around workers toiling in fields, asking them tough questions. If they answer incorrectly, she removes their head with a scythe.

Brzeginia lub brzeginka – w mitologii słowiańskiej pierwotnie demon żeński zamieszkujący brzegi zbiorników wodnych i góry oraz strzegący ukrytych pod ziemią skarbów.  W późniejszym okresie brzeginie zostały utożsamione z rusałkami.

Brzeginia lub brzeginka – w mitologii słowiańskiej pierwotnie demon żeński…

VICTOR A. LAREV-KOROLKOV(1958 - 2004) - Demons

Viktor Korolkov “Бесы” (transcription: “Besy”)Bes/bies/bjesi/bjesovi were evil spirits in Slavic mythology.

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