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Some people are unaware of how many human experiments were done during the Holocaust, some only aware of Josef Mengele. However many of the experiments which Josef Mengele has been ‘blamed’ for aren’t.

Wiesław Chrzanowski, Polish politician & lawyer & Nazi-slayer.

Wiesław Chrzanowski Dec 1923 – 29 Apr of the Polish Home Army’s “Anna” Company of the “Gustaw” Battalion, photographed on the balcony of a townhouse in September and he somehow still managed to look hella handsome even in the midst of the Warsaw Uprising.

"He's the One!", Soviet slave laborer points out his former German tormentor - Harold M. Roberts

Nazi guard found out and shocked - Russian survivor, liberated by the Armoured Division of the U. First Army, identifies a former camp guard who brutally beat prisoners on April at the Buchenwald concentration camp in Thuringia, Germany.

Forbidden Photographs of the Warsaw Ghetto  Page 2 of 2  Best of Web Shrine

An emaciated Warsaw Ghetto child expires slowly while begging on the streets. This is the result of hatred and fascism under nazis/hitler. stalin/communism led to cannibalism in Ukraine b/c the people's bread was stolen for "the elite'

Alegra Shami, 84, with the only photo she has of her father. She was 16 when she arrived at Auschwitz. “They ordered us to stand in a line,” she said. “A young woman grabbed me and shouted: ‘Reach out your left arm. I’m going to put a number on it. And you will remember it for the rest of your life — if you survive at all  — just for as long as you manage to survive’. I’m 84 years old. My number: 76914.”

Alegra Shami, holding a picture of her father. She was 16 when she arrived at Auschwitz. “They ordered us to stand in a line,” ‘Reach out your left arm." I’m now 84 years old.

Children under the age of 16 would be kept with their mothers. The kids where under age of working and considered week. This person and her daughter stayed together

Among the few lucky ones, a Czech Jewish woman and her daughter after their release from a German slave labor camp at Kaunitz where they worked at an ammunition plant, liberated by the U. Army, photographed by Fred Ramage.