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Xiumin is the hot daddy. Minseok is the cute toddler. Im dead. (The difference between Xiumin and Minseok.

is that swan lake? i can't tell,but if it is, that's the third best one after princess and the pauper and rapunzel^^^nah mate swan lake's the best, then rapunzel and then I don't care cuz I don't think I owned any other barbie movies

AIGHT I gotta rant for a but idk how long it's gonna be but my location on here is "somewhere I don't really know" bc I'm always fucking lost but I actually live in New Jersey and maybe u know maybe not but we got a nor'easter which was SUPPOSED to be like over a foot of snow. Everyone knew this and was prepared and stuff, even teachers. They were postponing tests, changing lessons and such. But I FUCKING GUESS THE WHOLE TOMS RIVER SCHOOL DSTRICT WANTED TO PREPARE THEIR ASSES BC nothing…

I've been surrounded by it for 1 and a half years, yet I still don't understand Kpop.