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To keep the bear with them when they took a ship from Egypt to Italy, the Polish soldiers had him officially enlisted in the Polish army. They gave him the name Wojtek -- which means he who enjoys war or smiling warrior in Polish. He also got a service number, rank and a pay book. Although he received no pay, he reportedly got double rations.

‘Wojtek was a Syrian brown bear cub found in Iran and adopted by soldiers of the Artillery Supply Company of the Polish II Corps. He enjoyed wrestling and was taught to salute when greeted. He was officially drafted into the Polish Army as a private.

Kotwica ww2   ◆◆   symbol of Polish home army

A participant of the Warsaw Uprising paints the Kotwica (anchor), a World War II emblem of the Polish Secret State and Armia Krajowa (the Home Army), the symbol of the Polish resistance.


Warsaw 44 - by Jakub Rozalski “Illustration (which I did some time ago, but just now I can share it) commemorating the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising for a polish clothing.