lion and cub

This lion and cub are feeling safe and secure; must have an emergency station kit ready to go. :) More The Animal Charm ❤

Lion family

The Lion family ~ Lions are the only cats to hang out in large family groups and I feel like papa cat.

Löwen ♥

TOP 10 Emotional photos of animals. Jesus as a loving king . The Loin of Judah.lion and lioness

Beautiful Family

I'm in love with how peaceful lions seem to be, with so much power, and control of their land. I admire their confidence, and strength. These animals are the majestic creatures I've ever come in contact with, and I love them.


26 Things That Will Turn Your Bad Day Around In An Instant - Awwww! :) I want a chicken that'll do that to me!

Segment on marriage~~Tenderly ~ affectionate lion couple by Miguel Angel de Arriba~~


Lion and Lioness alike are a beautifully nature inspired warm neutral color.we take inspiration from these wild and beautiful animals for our Shaw Color "Lioness".

There are girl minions???

There are girl minions I have met them - both genders - outside my local sweet shop .


A king only bows down to his queen. I couldn't agree more. I LOVE IT