Book binding

Book binding: A great June project: students select their favorite work to bind and add to the library of their choice

Wooden Pallet Coasters

Wooden Pallet Coasters

Add a rustic touch to your coffee table with DIY wooden pallet coasters that pair perfectly with the earthy tones found in your favorite Nespresso.


Stained Glass Door Made Of Pantone Swatches

Beautiful stained glass door made of hundreds of pantone swatches by Italian architect Armin Blasbichler.

How To: Make a Pegboard Wall Organizer

How To: Make a Pegboard Wall Organizer

how to make a pegboard wall organiser- I can't see this in my kitchen but it would be an awesome girly addition to the workbench in the garage.


what never comes back: words, time, missed chances / what's a desaster…

Old piano turned into a table,I LOVE THIS! So going to do it when I have a permanent home

upcycle an old piano keyboard into a table. Wish I would have done this with my grandmother's piano. Great idea for Mom's piano someday when they downsize.