EASY LITTLE PANDAS CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES - i should try this with the orange chocolate cake...

Easy Little Panda Cupcakes. These little chocolate cupcakes are so cute. Chocolate chips are used to dress them up as sweet little pandas. Perfect cupcakes for the chocolate lover! Easy little pandas.

Pirate party

Watermelon Pirate Boat - how cute would this be for a pirate birthday party or a kids summer party? Or maybe a pirate themed baby shower?

Fruit snack: pirate bananas.

Pirate bananas - what kid wouldn't want to find this in their lunch box?Pirates Draw a face on a banana, with eye patch and a big beard. Tie a napkin around the neck for extra tough pirate.

Caterpillar Fruit Kabobs Party Food Idea!

Fun & Healthy Caterpillar Fruit Kabobs for Kids!

The most amazing Star Wars cakes for your kiddo's birthday party.

May the Force Be With Your Kids' Birthday Cakes

The most amazing Star Wars cakes for your kiddo's birthday party. Yumz I want a cake like that.Probably taste a little 'hairy' though. Haha I like making puns

Recipe ● Cream Cheese Penguins ~ Great for a holiday/winter party

Recipe ● Cream Cheese Penguins The creamy cheese pairs well with the briny olive and the carrot adds a bit if sweetness and crunch. We used large olives for both parts and only tsp of cream cheese per penguin. Even my 4 year old could do this.

Puppy Dog and Kitty Cat Cupcakes...Zoe needs these on her birthday :)

Whether you're a cat or a dog lover, these mini animal cupcakes are sure to raise a smile! Use ganache, chocolate covered bills waffers, tootsie rolls mini marshmallows for decorating.

#Angry #Birds Food Fun || #cute #food for #kids

Angry Birds Food Fun [From the Mamas

Saw this one & thought kids might enjoy these treats: Angry Birds Food Fun…

How to Create Cute Banana Dolphins to Snack On

Cute Banana Dolphins Eating Grapes

Cute idea for healthy children's snacks! fantastic fruit dolphins // healthy snack idea for school parties, birthday parties and to serve after school, love these

Adorable bee decoration! {No recipe. Just look at the picture for inspiration!}

the second cutest bumble bee cupcakes ;) Along with the cake pops my grandchildren would love the whimsy ♡

halloween essen idee kinderparty salzstangen käse

The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife: Halloween Week ~ Broom Sticks (string cheese, pretzel sticks, fresh chives)

Vergessen Sie nicht Ihre jüngsten Hochzeitsgäste, wenn die kleinen Hochzeitsgäste beschäftigt sind und sich wohl fühlen, dann sind auch die Eltern entspannt und können das Hochzeitsfest so richtig...

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