10 ways to boost male fertility

If you're planning to grow your family, preconception health is just as important for papas-to-be as it is for mamas-to-be. Successfully hitting baby bingo requires both men and women keep an extra-close eye on their health habits, from maintaining a heal

Вязка, полимерная глина, шапка, кружка

Вязка, полимерная глина, шапка, кружка

Pet Adoption Poster Series by Crystal Buckey, via Behance

Poster series created from a partnership between the Pet Rescue Network and FURminator in order to help get all of their current fosters dogs adopted.

Looking for a DIY pet art project? All you need is pet safe paint and a frame for this quick and easy diy wall art project! This adorable piece of pet art would go perfectly above a food bowl, dog bed, or litter box!

Love idea for senior pups especially. Make DIY art that puts your pal's paw print on display. All you need is pet-safe paint, a frame, and a four-legged friend for this quick and easy project. Just imagine this above a food bowl, litter box, or dog bed!