DIY Vanilla, Mint and Spearmint Extracts. A great holiday gift idea!

DIY Extracts

[ DIY Vanilla, Mint and Spearmint Extracts Recipe and How-To ] Made with vodka, vanilla beans, fresh spearmint, fresh mint. ~ from Kirbie Cravings

How To Heal Cavities (A True "We've Done It" Story)

Healing Cavities (A True "We've-Done-It!" Story

How to heal cavities! This person did it with oil pulling! Also tried oil pulling with coconut oil AND Young Living essential oils.

Body hair is every woman’s worst nightmare. Else she wouldn’t spend so much time and money getting her body waxed, her face bleached. Add to it the pain of the sheer procedure of waxing. It is the hair on the arms and legs that sprout faster and need to b

Wenn du dir das über Nacht auf die Fußsohle klebst, entgiftet sich dein Körper von selbst!

Make Detox Foot Pads at Home and Remove All the Dangerous Toxins from Your Body Overnight - Healthy Benefits

Sie tut eine Zwiebel in die Socke und legt sich ins Bett. Der Grund? Ich werde nie wieder anders schlafen.

She puts an onion in her sock and goes to sleep. The reason why? I’ll never sleep another way again.

SEIFE selber machen - dufte! :-) Mit dieser ANLEITUNG --->

Seife selber machen: So einfach geht's

Mückenschutz selbstgemacht. Sooooo effektiv!

HOMEMADE MOSQUITO/ANT/FLEA REPELLENT Ingredients: litre of alcohol 100 gram of whole cloves 100 ml of baby oil or similar (almond, sesame, chamomile, lavender, fennel etc) Preparation: Leave cloves to marinate in alcohol four days Stir every morning

An old Japanese recipe Do this once a week and you will look 10 years younger!

How to Look Ten Years Younger - Rice is extraordinarily rich in linoleic acid and squalene, that are powerful antioxidants that stimulate.

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