Geburtstagskalender mal anders

Beautiful kids crafts and project. Create the trunks in peace and lay out the colours for each one, then the kids can go to work, and you can add the finshing touches (like owls etc) when they are fast asleep! A family masterpiece

back to school

"Check Out the Lineup in." Using a T-shirt theme and hanging student shirts along a clothing line is a colorful idea for a Back To School bulletin board display. You can also have the children decorate their t-shirt

Macaroni Cat Necklaces - simple painted pasta crafts for kids // for @pbsparents

Macaroni Cat Necklace


Picture only - I like the birthday cake and can do something similar for school birthdays.



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Birthday cupcakes classroom chart :)

Old loo rolls would make the perfect holders. Paired with toothpicks makes this a relatively easy, but very effective project.

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