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DIY: Easy Mason Jar Luminaries

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Repurposed trampoline top!

Yep, that's right! Amazing up-cycled trampoline DIY project for your backyard. I want this in my yard!(Diy Crafts For The Home)

Vogelfutterhaus Colaflaschen

How to recycle plastic bottles into beautiful bird nests/bird house. diy instructions, crafts, do it yourself, diy website, art project ideas. Great project to do with kids!

skateboard swing

How to Make a Skateboard Swing. Here's a fantastic way to repurpose an old broken skateboard. Build this skateboard swing for your kids to enjoy! Find an old skateboard that your kids no longer use.

"beautiful tin cans???" This made me look at them differently because of the creative tops.  No tutorial but there is plenty of photo inspiration!

Tin Canisters with lids made from saucers/bowls & knobs - Sjarmerende GJENBRUK: Crazy mandag

13 Spectacular Things to Make For Your Yard Using $1 Solar Lights

You might want to grab $1 solar lights when you see these spectacular yard ideas!

13 spectacular things to make for your yard using 1 solar lights, lighting, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, Mosaic marbled walkway luminaires

Threaded Valentine Tins

10 Alternative Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day: Tin can candle holder with heart designs

Upcycle old pieces into useful things around your home.

would be cute in the kitchen with paper and pen.which I can never find in the kitchen when I need it cheese Grater Pencil Holder