Cultural landscape: Soviet Bus Stops and wooden Orthodox churches

Soviet Bus Stops

Christopher Herwig is raising funds for Soviet Bus Stops - Limited edition photo book on Kickstarter! Printing of a photo book showcasing the most mind-blowing collection of creative bus stop design from the Soviet era ever assembled.

furtho: “Ursula Schulz-Dornburg’s photograph of passengers at a bus shelter, Armenia ”

Christopher Herwig | iGNANT

Christopher Herwig

Bus stops in the Soviet Union – Christopher Herwig Are you accustomed to boring and monotonous bus stops? Photographer Christopher Herwig, brings us photos of bus stops, which he took in the former Soviet Union.

Klar, dass der Fotograf um diese Haltestelle in Kasachstan keinen Bogen machte.

Photographer Christopher Herwig first began to notice the eccentric architecture of Soviet-era bus stopsmore than a dozen years ago.

Next stop, Siberia! The strange and beautiful world of Soviet bus stops – in pictures

Next stop, Siberia! The strange and beautiful world of Soviet bus stops – in pictures

Jetzt aber zackig: Dieses Haltehäuschen fand Christopher Herwig für sein Fotobuch "Soviet Bus Stops" in Pitsunda, einem Kurort an der Schwarzmeerküste von Abchasien.

The Wild Architecture of Soviet-Era Bus Stops - You've never seen bus stops like these before. The post The Wild Architecture of Soviet-Era Bus Stops appeared first on WIRED.

La réalité de Juli: Dezember 2010

aaknavi: Armenian Bus Stops. Photos by: Ursula Schulz-Dornburg

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The bus stops of Belarus. These are done by unknown artists to beautify the landscape.