Lisa Kathan
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SOVRN Skateboard Decks
Tiger griptape art.
Need more decks to cover up cables. 1580HKD
skateboard deck designs | Skateboard Deck Designs by ~donkolondoy on deviantART
Arbor Mindstate Walnut Complete Longboard - 37.5"
BTFL-Longboards Bella - #LongboardComplete #Skateboard #titus #titusskateshop
external image skateboard_deck_designs_by_nimirofox-d73ldae.jpg
Another really funny and creative deck design.  I could see skaters in their late twenties and thirties buying this.  While there isn't really a specific focal point it is still a really fun design to look at.
Globe Sagano 26" Cruiser Skateboard Complete - grey/highbiscus - Skate Shop > Completes > Cruiser Completes
Take your skate style to another level of righteousness like a true rasta with the Superior Irie Love 8.25