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Wide margins to give a sense of clarity and readability. Justified paragraphing, which gives a heightened sense of grid and geometry. The dedication of a whole facing-page to one image. PAGE LAYOUT

by Xavier Esclusa

Botanical S design. // Fall 2015 Fashion and Retail Trends: Metallics and Botanicals - Step Brightly keywords: typography floral graphic design pink

Affiche - La Rose des Vents - Les Produits de l'Épicerie - 2013/2014

La Rose des Vents poster by Les Produits de l'Épicerie Great feeling produced to carry the brands image in a professional and creative direction.


Nevers' Festival/Posters 2008 Serie of posters for the Nevers’ Festival of music, movie and theater: Mauricio Kagel, Bernard-Marie Koltes and Andrejz Wajda.

Poster design

Looks almost handmade rather than done digitally, a scrapbook kind of effect with the images and text ontop of one another, overlapping. Flash of bright color draws attention to the title in the middle (hierarchy of information)