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people are walking through an office building with yellow and pink staircases on the walls
Capital One Labs - San Francisco Offices | Office Snapshots
Capital One Labs San Francisco Offices
an office cubicle with wood paneling and white stools in the corner next to it
Would contain some of the noise of small, collaborative spaces.
an office with a glass wall covered in words
Sony Ericsson
This would be cool to do in the library using literary quotes on the walls of group study rooms.
an office with glass walls and pink flowers on the wall
MercadoLibre Argentina's Offices | Office Snapshots
a room that has some chairs and a table in it with lights hanging from the ceiling
DK Project's Office And Showroom | Office Snapshots
DK Projects Office And Showroom
three people are sitting at a table in front of a computer screen and talking to each other
#Knoll furnished #activityspace with MultiGeneration chairs #meetingspace
the flatiron room is clean and ready to be used
Tumblr's Cool New York Headquarters, Where 600 Million Daily Pageviews Are Made
Label meeting rooms/offices with decals on the windows.
a white table and chairs in a room
"Private Banking" Zentrale in Frankfurt by Wittfoht Architekten | Office facilities
"Private Banking" Zentrale in Frankfurt
an office with white walls and chairs around a table in front of a large window
Put on your mask!
Private Meeting Spaces design by Mercedes Farrando
an office cubicle with white chairs and green lettering on the glass wall above it
"huddle room" for small groups
an empty meeting room with chairs and a table in front of a whiteboard on the wall
Small meeting room or huddle room - with white boards on both walls. Don't like the colors though.
an empty office with desks and chairs
huddle room
a white table with four chairs around it and a flat screen tv mounted on the wall
Cardinal Solutions - OstermanCron
Huddle room Kimball table with Sit On It stools
an office with chairs, desk and laptop on the table in front of a large screen
Small But Significant: Are Huddle Rooms the Right Fit?
Small But Significant: Are Huddle Rooms the Right Fit?