Fried Ice Cream! We made this last summer. It was amazing!

I love real fried ice cream, not ice cream in a taco shell like most Mexican restaurants do!

Fried Ice Cream just like the restaurants!

The hot, deep fried and crunchy exterior paired with the creamy, frozen interior make fried ice cream a treat like none other.// FINALLY a recipe for the fried ice cream like at the Mexican restaurants!

i like these as the love heart is one of the main images on my box.

cute simple gift tags with heart cut-outs, or could be something like an evergreen cut out.

Apfel-Zimt-Eis - dieses Winter-Eisrezept musst du probieren!

Apfel-Zimt-Eis mit gerösteten Haselnüssen

ButterYum: Creme Brulee Ice Cream

Creme Brulee Ice Cream - Just place your favorite flavor of ice cream that pairs well with crème brulee in bowls, add the sugar topping for brulee and torch.