DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve

DIY Home Decor: Wooden Couch Sleeve. Great for small living room with no room for end tables. [SO making these when we get our new couch!

If we found some nice cheap timber boards we make a low single brick high tv unit. Cinder bricks are like $3 each

DIY cinder block TV cabinet on a budget. Somehow this looks nicer than it should for being made of cinder blocks

Possibly the best invention? DIY side table!

While the link is in German, thus cute little DIY couch side table is pretty self explanatory! s i n n e n r a u s c h: Simpler DIY Beistelltisch + Gewinner der Stelton Verlosung

Schuhschrank selber bauen - Schuh-Rollen

Sneaker storage PVC Rohr in gleich lange stücke schneiden, mit einem spanngurt fixiere, fertig もっと見る

So elegant können Rohre sein: DIY Projekte aus Rohren

Add as bedside table in Calebs room. DIY Rustic Industrial End using black pipe. (Bring your pic to the plumbing associate at The Home Depot.