Fake makeup for little girls

Faux Makeup For Your Kiddos

Play makeup using old makeup containers filled with nail polish. Empty nail polish bottles could have the remainder dried inside the bottle and the brush cleaned for pretend polish.

Calendar Journal. Fill an old recipe box withEach date has its own card, and you index cards. Write something you did that day, plus the year. then next year (or 5 years later) when you write something down on that date, you are reminded of what you were doing last year (or 5 years ago!). Baked cookies, took the dog to the park, completed something big or little, or layed in bed all day! Neat!

DIY: Calendar Journal

DIY calendar journal— index cards! I made this calendar journal three years ago and have written in it daily ever since. It has been so rewarding. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make your own!

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Pen case

This beuaitful leather writing case is just one of dozens of gorgeous, useful, classic office pieces available from Manufactum. From writing tools, desk accessories to organization and other items, this site is the mecca of office beauty. (via Manufactum)

„TARGIN mit Lammfleisch.”

23 Bilder, über die wirklich nur Krankenschwestern lachen können