16+ More Creative Garden Container Ideas

Kerzendeko für außen

Simple DIY Centerpiece

August is almost here and summer is somehow already slipping away. Soon, the kiddos will return to school and late night game night will turn back into early bedtimes and packing school lunches. But for now, there’s more than enough summer left to be.


Love ideas like this, simple but so different, I'm guessing it's inspired by a sundial or just by light and shadow in general. Like the use of shadow as the design element!

Weidenkätzchen im Frühling #Dekoration

Photo (Being Human Is Exhausting So Be An Owl)

Simple springtime pussy willow bouquets for the bridesmaids. Possibly something ever so slightly different for the bridal bouquet. Maybe blue green succulents, pussy willow and either queen anne's lace or baby's breath.

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Christmas winter cozy rustic cabin elegant romantic candle lit led pillar candles and tree stumps for layering.

Mandala Steine Galerie

Mandala Stones Gallery with amazing ideas and tutorials to paint the colorful stones yourself. The latest craft trend is so much fun and easy to do

Eine-Vintage-Girlande-selber-machen-mit-Tortenspitze.1433326494-van-BloggerGirl.jpeg 700×956 Pixel

doily banner- vintage look with lots of impact for very little cost. we just have to figure out how to get the doilies to not fall off.