Kate Black

Kate Black

Europe / kate. visual artist.
Kate Black
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When you come right down to it, films are really just a series of different shots edited together. Most people who have been directing for a while have a shorthand way of describing what they want.

The more we own, the more enslaved we become

This kind of trap works through self-deception; similar to "golden handcuffs" in a job. You think by having more acquisitions you have more freedom, when the opposite is true. Debit freedom can not be obtained through obtaining more.

Mediterranean street fries

Loaded Mediterranean Street Fries Recipe - sweet potato fries topped with fresh romaine, tzatziki, marinated tomatoes and chickpeas, feta…

Five color trends that Pantone selected last week. Besides, we will also recommend home decor based on these colors. In spite of busyness, why not browse some color trends and have a colorful mood?