Для детей и о детях

This is an excellent craft for bored adults with free access to office supplies. I'm going to make like 100 of these and hide them around work.

Easy to make easter card

Easy to make easter card. How to incorporate math (fractions) into art lesson.

Schwalben für das Treppenhaus                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

Black Cardboard SWALLOW This is the bird that appears in the book "Song of the Swallow." This is a good idea for children to see what a swallow looks like.

Rassurez-vous, je ne vous referai pas le coup de cette ancienne publicité pour les vêtements thermolactil de Da....Les vêtements que je vous...

Draw designs with white crayon, then paint over with watercolor. These would make an adorable bulletin board!